If this is your first time snorkeling and would like to go exploring, snorkel along the house reef of Maafushi. The underwater beauty is simply out of this world. Explore the untouched magical realms of the ocean. We provide Snorkeling trips to great locations. Swim with the wide array of beautifully colored fish, explore the different types of corals, and take a picture underwater as a turtle slowly swims by. The underwater life of Maldives is never boring and almost never the same. The clear visibility which is underwater will take you to a new world, floating effortlessly, taking in the mesmerizing beauty underneath.

Snorkeling in Maldives is a low risk and low cost way to discover the shallow reefs and the amazing underwater world. With just a snorkeling mask and flippers, a swim through a channel in the coral reefs and observing it from the outside can be the most incredible experience for any beginner in the Maldives.